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PHONE: (303) 873-1515
FAX: (720) 210-8434
Contact:  ADi


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Welcome to Discount Computer Clinic
All Your Computer Needs.

Discount Computer Clinic provide affordable computer repair, setup, networking, tutoring and support

Increase your comfort level with computer technology

Advanced and Basic email lesson.

 Advanced and Basic photos lessons.

Messaging, Skype Webcam. 

Onsite And Remote Computer  Services !

Discount Computer Clinic provides complete Computer Repair,  Network Services and
computer Training for Home and Business Customers. Our services are: Virus and

Spyware Removal, Upgrades, Computer Repair, Software and Hardware Installations, Network Instillation.

Discount Computer Clinic help you to organize your files, recover your data, remove that pesky virus from your computer. Network setup right away.

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Discount Computer Clinic provide affordable computer repair, and support, small wireless network setup, web site design and promotion optimization services to any size  budgets.

Costumer Review

Just want to share how much I have benefitted from Adi's expertise!!! I have had many different problems from virus, getting wireless hooked up, printer hooked up, purchased laptop and transferred all information. He can handle any and All situations with electronics. He also helps my neighbors and relatives.
He can now also assist me remotely so he doesn't have to drive across town to my home. If you are fortunate enough to have been referred or somehow found his help you will never need anyone else and always have the BEST service.
His kindness and knowledge are much appreciated.

Beverly Cummiskey

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Preventive Onsite Maintenance And Support!
Discount Computer Clinic provides preventive maintenance service programs  that do not have qualified computer technicians on staff. Basic equipment maintenance such as data backup, internal and external component cleaning and software updates on a scheduled basis.
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We will come to your home or business to fix your machine. 
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Virus & Spy ware Elimination

Discount Computer Clinic
have the experience to remove viruses

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  Price: For Virus & Spyware Elimination
  $35/hour (1 hour minimum).
  $30/each additional hour

  No trip charges
or overpriced $50 & up
  hourly charges.
Methods of Payment:
We accept Business Checks, Money Orders,

Visa & MasterCard.
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A PC Tune Up will enhance your computer's performance, and make sure you're fully protected from security threats and viruses. 

Common Symptoms:

Computer Performance error symptoms can include program lock-ups, slow PC performance, system freezes, startup and shut down problems, installation errors, and hardware failure

File fragments, spyware, outdated drivers and broken registry entries are like junk that piles up and slows your computer down. Worse yet, it can compromise security.

Discount Computer clinic
Experts on getting your computer running fast as we clean up, tune up and speed up your computer so it runs like new again.

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The Computer Tune-Up Service Includes:

  • check of your system and update virus software while checkimg for viruses
  • Check of your system if your PC is secure from unauthorized access
  • Verify system patch and service pack levels
  • Remove temporary and trash files
  • Manage programs from running at startup
  • Run  a check of your system for hardware and software problems

  Price: For Tune-Up Service
  $35/hour (1 hour minimum).
  $30/each additional hour

  No trip charges
or overpriced $50 & up
  hourly charges.
Methods of Payment:
We accept Business Checks, Money Orders,

Visa & MasterCard.
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Shop Today!
Shop Today!
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Privacy Controls — Shreds Files and Internet History
pareto ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS: Certified to remove spyware, viruses, malware and Trojans by the esteemed West Coast Labs. This sophisticated antivirus software defends your computer against a variety of threats. ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS' advanced scanning and cleaning engine tirelessly locates and completely removes even the most deeply rooted viruses, spyware, adware and even rootkits, which attempt to cover the tracks of potentially damaging malware.
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